"We all bend the truth from time to time."

Enigmatic Hawaiian surfer, Daniel, seems just within reach of a better life, but he is locked in a pattern of self-sabotage — why?

Restless with his life in Oahu, he moves to the mainland and delves into the shadowy world of the filthy rich, catering to their whims for money. But his cool, smart, and practical exterior starts to crumble under the weight of his clients’ ugly secrets, though he is most wounded by his own secret shame.

Lost Love and Other Torments...

Daniel is a surprising new voice, and his story breaks convention. A welcome perspective in today's world filled with noise and angry battle cries over whichever cause or issue is trending. Ugly Things We Hide bursts through our modern bubbles, opening our eyes to the unfailing goodness and inescapable darkness that have marked humanity from the very start. Shocking. Heartbreaking. Passionate.


"This is one of those books that leaves you thinking about the characters weeks after you've finished reading it."

"Absolutely stunning and shocking. Just wow!"